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Beating Pornography Addiction - a self help CD set

Achieve Rapid Freedom from the Pain of Pornography Addiction

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    How to contact us:-
    Philip Chave
    The Orchard, Draycott Rd
    BS27 3RU

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If you would prefer to order by post, please send your UK cheque to 'Philip Chave' at this address. Remember to include your return address and send any enquiries to the email above.
Thank you.

I think I need to talk to someone about this problem. Do you take paying clients?
Yes, I am available for private consultation if you should live close enough to travel. Please use the contact details above, and email me in the first instance. I can then supply you a number to call. I look forward to meeting you. Phil.
Alternatively, you can visit this website for making appointments, or this article for more information.

Can you help me in other ways?
I live too far away to travel, but would still like to talk to you about my particular problem. Do you have another way to reach out to help people like me? - Yes I do! We can use Skype video to talk over the internet. There is an article about it here, and on my Skype Video Therapy website, you will find details of how we can make this happen, from late night Skype, setting up Skype, and ways to pay for your sessions.

An idea: Why not order your CD's or MP3's first and listen to the recordings? That will give you an idea of how I sound and what I have to say. If you feel then that I am the right person to help you, we can talk about an appointment or a Skype session afterwards, as a follow-up.

Treat and Overcome Your Pornography Addiction - CD Available NOW!
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In Conversation With Philip Chave: Understanding, Coping With & Eliminating Internet Pornography Addiction & Sex Addiction

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